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Stronger Than Yesterday

A group of girls at Gold's Gym

Stronger Community

Stronger Equipment

Stronger Results

Girl performing a tire lift

The power of perception

It’s time to change your perception of Gold’s Gym. We’ve spent over 50 years defining fitness and now we’re reinventing it. With personal fitness profiles, backed by 3D scanning technology, both traditional and digital personal training options and new studio offerings; Gold’s Gym has evolved so you can transform your life.

Man pushing weighted sled

The power of purpose

Fitness isn’t just muscular size. Fitness has a purpose – a task or role to perform. Endurance, flexibility, strength, power, speed, composition are all fitness. What is your purpose?

A trainer in a Pilates class

The power of personalisation

Harnessing the power of community, each of our clubs put relationship at the centre of everything we do. Everyone’s fitness journey is different. Relationship is what powers personalisation.

The strength of space

Gold’s Gyms are spacious and multi-zoned, to give you the freedom, or social distance, to work out as you’d like. We pride ourselves on having the widest range of equipment to help you achieve your fitness goals, no matter how specific.

How can we help you achieve yours?

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