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From Bodybuilder to Gym Owner – Gym Wisdom with Jeff Myth

Jeff Myth is a five time Australian champion bodybuilder, an expert personal trainer, and the extremely passionate owner of Gold’s Gym North Sydney. We chat with Jeff to learn more about his fitness journey, the struggles he had along the way, and why he chose to open a Gold’s Gym in North Sydney.

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CHEK Method & Holistic Health with Corrective Culture

Corrective Culture was founded by two Sunshine Coast men who are passionate about optimising health the way nature intended it. This week Cal and Em sit down with Corrective Culture’s Jake Stone and Callan Krause on the Good as Gold’s podcast to discuss the ‘Chek’ system and all things health, wealth, strength, posture and parasites! 

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Understand & Improve your resilience with the Resilience Shield

‘The Resilience Shield’ was jointly developed by three SAS veterans. They combined what they learned in the Defence Force with medical research to create a model of resilience and write a book that will help you master your mindset and overcome adversity. This week we talk to Ben and Tim about all things resilience and the benefits that come with being resilient. 

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Redefining Disability with Mark Daniels

Mark Daniels is a paracanoe and adaptive athlete passionate about pushing the limits and motivating others to do the same. Mark rebuilt his life and career after almost dying in a road crash which resulted in his right leg being amputated above the knee. This week Cal and Em speak to Mark on the Good as Gold’s podcast about how he has recovered both physically and mentally.

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Aesthetics vs. Wellness with Gabby Ward

Gabby Ward is an accredited practicing dietitian and an accredited sports dietician, working with CrossFit, weightlifting and powerlifting athletes. This week Cal and Em sit down with Gabby on the Good as Gold’s podcast to discuss the importance of wellness over aesthetics, and how to fuel your body correctly.

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