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CHEK Method & Holistic Health with Corrective Culture

Good as Gold's Podcast EP14

Corrective Culture was founded by two Sunshine Coast men who are passionate about optimising health the way nature intended it. This week Cal and Em sit down with Corrective Culture’s Jake Stone and Callan Krause on the Good as Gold’s podcast to discuss the ‘Chek’ system and all things health, wealth, strength, posture and parasites! 

From the moment they start talking, it is evident just how passionate Jake and Callan are about the work they do. They assist their clients to not just improve the way your body looks (through correct posture and movement) but also the way it feels. The work they do is based around being Chek practitioners, but then they also delve deeper into holistic health and the importance of the three foundations –  food, water and sleep. 

“People forget that the spine is water, you know, I think the disc is 75% water. And so it’s like if you don’t drink water, what do you expect? Like some people don’t drink water and they think their back is going to be okay but over the course of the years they’re going to pay for that eventually.” 

“And organs take priority over everything as well so the body will shut down everything else to look after healthy organs. so organs are unhealthy then everything below that’s unhealthy.”

Clients will come to Corrective Culture with pain symptoms, and they will then do a tension and lifestyle assessment to determine what could be contributing to that. Rather than chasing the symptom, they look at the body from all angles, including what they eat (which could be causing inflammation) to find the missing link. 

“You take the range of motion of everything. So we refer to – this is what’s tight, this is what’s not tight. What could be causing this down below? This is what their movement patterns are. This is the way they’re lunging. This is the way they’re squatting. These are all the movements you need in life – and it’s just so in-depth. You learn rapidly when you take all that information because you really start to see patterns of people and start to see these things that you don’t see in books. All of a sudden you have ten people come in with the same thing, and then you look at the numbers and there’s all these similarities like this person always sits twisted this way and it flares out their side joint etc.” 

They then create custom stretching and corrective exercise programs, and have seen amazing results when it comes to pain and posture.

 “Posture is not about telling someone to stand upright and taught, it’s about retention in there and it’s about the optimal position of the joint. It’s not about looking nice – that comes along for the ride – but it’s the ultimate position of the joint.”

 As food can be a trigger for a lot of issues and pain we experience, Corrective Culture has also developed a four week fungus and parasite cleanse and are passionate about educating people on the impact this can have on your body.

“Don’t think of it as something that you catch. It is there but they have to be able to survive inside of you. Our cleanse is more, you do have the supplements that sort of kill parasites and then binders that bring it out, but that is such a small part of it. You have got to change the environment so that’s why it’s basically no sugar, no caffeine, and we throw in all these extras to actually reset people.”

 “I have a client going through it at the moment and I can tell she’s got all the symptoms of a parasite cleanse which is craving sugar, “I feel tired, I feel lethargic, what do I do?”. And it’s not until she finishes the cleanse and she starts to eat things again that she will understand why that was happening. You really learn to be really intuitive with your body after it and when you’re adding food back in.”

 The Corrective Culture is all about bringing it back to basics, to ensure your body is optimal both inside and out. Their goal is to help people reach a new level of physical, mental and spiritual strength.

 As for how people can start making small changes to create a big impact:

 “Water. A good spring water and then put celtic sea salt in it or get a good reverse osmosis thing for your house. I think even showering in toxic water is bad. There’s fluoride, chlorine, lead, lots of traces of heavy metals in there so that would be number one. We are made of water so we need good water to start, especially women with their hormones we need to regulate it. And Organic food – you’re not winning if you’re not eating organic food.”

“From a movement perspective I’m really big on hydrating your tissue with deep tissue work, foam rolling work, balls and the cross balls, I think it’s a really under-appreciated thing in the industry and I think it’s overlooked.”

Both men have incredible stories of how they found themselves on this health and business journey together. The different take they bring to the health and fitness realm is truly fascinating. To hear the full chat subscribe or follow us on YoutubeSpotify or Apple Podcasts.

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