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Conquering new heights: Dave Chitty’s Mount Everest journey with Gold’s Gym Miranda

In the heart of Miranda, a small suburb in New South Wales, a remarkable story of determination, strength, and triumph has unfolded. Meet Dave Chitty, a 57-year-old member of Gold’s Gym Miranda, who recently accomplished an awe-inspiring feat – making it to the Base Camp of Mount Everest.

Dave’s journey to this extraordinary achievement was not just a solo climb; it was a partnership between his unwavering spirit and the expert guidance of Gold’s Gym Miranda’s owner and his personal trainer, Michelle.

Dave’s story begins with a passion for adventure and a longing to explore the great outdoors. 


“I’ve always been fascinated by the traditional stories of Antarctic explorers and adventurers across the globe,” said Dave. With a desire to test his limits, he embarked on a journey to conquer Earth’s highest mountain above sea level, located in the Mahalangur Himal sub-range of the Himalayas; a dream that was always on his bucket list.

Dave said having spent 27 years in the corporate world, he found himself needing a life shake-up.

“I decided I needed to get out and truly experience life. When I saw the ‘Transform in 4’ challenge advertised at the gym, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to kickstart my journey. I signed up and started doing two sessions a week with Michelle and these sessions became the cornerstone of my preparation for the Everest base camp trek. Little did I know how much it would transform my perspective on life.”

Michelle, who recognised Dave’s potential and passion, tailored a rigorous training program focused on High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), strength, and cardio exercises.

“We concentrated on waist-down workouts, preparing Dave for the challenging climbs. His sessions included interval-style training, HIIT, and specific exercises targeting leg power,” shared Michelle.

Michelle had Dave using the TechnoGym Skillmill, runners, sleds, and capped weight training, to ensure his consistent progress.

Dave’s climb to Everest’s Base Camp was not just a physical challenge, it was a mental and emotional journey supported by a vibrant community at Gold’s Gym Miranda, and the 15 other climbers on the trek.

“Michelle and I worked hard, rotating exercises, and preparing for steep boulders and high altitudes. A couple of times throughout the Mount Everest climb we encountered incredibly steep boulders where the next one ahead was towering at eye-level. They were massive.”

“All of us worked really hard for the trip. We faced challenges and each person had a day where they needed an extra pat on the head to pull themselves together, but we all did it and we all kept going,” said Dave. 

His hard work paid off when he stood at an awe-inspiring 17,200 feet, a phenomenal moment and a testament to his dedication and resilience.

“I’ve been home for three weeks now but this experience has left me on an incredible high. I checked in with the group I did the climb with and it’s unanimous – we’re all still completely buzzing from the experience.”

Looking ahead, Dave is gearing up for new challenges. His eyes are set on the summit of Mount Everest which he plans to conquer on his 60th birthday in 2026, a goal he’s already working towards with Michelle’s guidance.

“I’ve signed up for the Sydney half marathon, booked climbing courses in New Zealand, and set my sights on the Sydney marathon. I want to be a mountaineer, not just a trekker,” shared Dave, his determination unmistakable.

Reflecting on his transformative journey, Dave has a piece of advice for those aspiring for similar adventures or fitness goals.

“Come to Gold’s Gym and train with Michelle. I’ve always thought of a gym as not being able to prepare you for something like this but this has completely and utterly changed my view.”

“This whole journey has been life-changing, from physical preparation to immersing in history and overcoming mental challenges. I honestly feel like I’m 25 again.”

Dave’s story is a testament to the power of determination, the support of a community, and the guidance of an expert trainer who has your back every step of the way.

Gold’s Gym Miranda stands as a beacon of inspiration, where dreams are nurtured, and ordinary individuals achieve extraordinary feats. Together, they prove that with the right support and unwavering determination, the sky’s not the limit—it’s just the beginning.

Gold’s Gym Miranda has recently achieved a remarkable milestone by winning the prestigious international award for Best Member Experience, surpassing more than 500 Gold’s Gyms from around the world (excluding the United States).

This exceptional recognition was given during the annual leadership conference held in the United States. According to owner Michelle, it’s the combination of well-crafted systems and the authentic dedication of the team that sets Gold’s Gym Miranda apart. 

Their team’s genuine commitment to member satisfaction has not only secured the award but also made members want to stay, highlighting the gym’s unwavering dedication to providing an exceptional fitness experience.

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