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Body Building Journey: Post Comp Considerations

Competing in a bodybuilding competition regardless of how you placed, should make you feel extremely proud of your accomplishments. The focus should always be on your own journey and being process based as opposed to outcome based. During prep sometimes athletes get lost in the day in, day out. Having the mentality of ‘ticking the boxes’ is sometimes needed to find that balance of overcoming fatigue and exhaustion. Sometimes athletes might not achieve their desired placing or result and that can make you feel lost.

At the same time, you’re probably feeling hungry, emotional, and thoroughly worn down after stepping off the stage. In reality, bodybuilding competitions are always extremely exhausting for the competitors, even experienced professionals are accustomed to this type of exhaustion. Fortunately, it’s possible to quickly recover from your pre-contest preparations and the rigors of the competition itself by incorporating some basic post-contest concepts into your diet, exercise, supplementation, and rest routines. The post-contest stage of bodybuilding is all about recovery, replenishment, and rewarding yourself for the extremities of hard work you’ve invested for several months or even years in the lead-up. This is something your coach will work with you on, though keep in mind a full season doesn’t end on show day, it ends 4-8 weeks after the show.

Although this nourishment will help with your mentality, there needs to be other facets in place. There is more to life than getting 5-6 meals daily and training to look good on stage. If you are an athlete it requires a form of dedication all year round although the improvement (offseason) should encompass other facets of life too. This is the time to encourage love into other activities like spending time in nature, jumping out of planes or whatever it is that makes you light up not from infatuation, but moments that you feel internally grateful.

Structure and routine will be something that holds you together, but a new purpose needs to be created outside of setting the next show date. Finding purpose or falling back onto relationships including the one with yourself is the key to managing your mentality and most of all, fulfilment.

If you’re reading this now, during or before starting to prep, it is highly recommended to include growth in all facets outside of physical. Find a coach that draws out your inner energy & calls you out on toxic habits that will create disorders later on. Most importantly, find a coach that supports your emotional & spiritual growth. This isn’t measured on stage though is more so a measurement of success by you.

Most people recite they are doing a show in season A/B. Doing a show and competing in a show are two separate mindsets, with the biggest competition being yourself. You’re going to be hungry, sore and sleep-deprived. While it’s absolutely necessary to have a coach and support network, undeniably the effort needs to come for you. To successfully reverse post comp, it starts with setting non-negotiable outlets to migrate stress.

By having an understanding of post comp considerations, the most effective approach after needs to be personalised and sometimes a conversation needs to be had.

“If you’re unhappy with your life and circumstances before choosing to compete – you will most likely end up in a worse state after, without choice’’

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Coach Bocky
Professional Body Builder, Online Coach & Fitness Director

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