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The Power of Visualisation

Have you given any thought to using visualisation as a training tool?

When we train our minds, trains our bodies. Visualisation is an imagination technique used by athletes to improve their performance by training their mind and body to bring about positive outcomes. It is a way of imagining the event or desired outcome before it happens to help them prepare. Sometimes referred to as mental imagery, it becomes a powerful tool to improve performance as it creates an opportunity to see the detailed picture in your mind and make you feel as if you are actually experiencing the situation.

There are many ways in which visualisation can be used to enhance performance. There are two main types of techniques being: Outcome visualisation and Process visualisation. Outcome visualisation is imagining an end goal which might translate to standing on a podium with a gold medal and celebrating. Process visualisation is breaking down the steps it will take to reach your goal or the path to success, and then visualising yourself performing these training habits.

Habits are created through consistency, and consistency is key to achieving your goals. By implementing the following visualisation techniques into your routine, you can create the life you want to live and in turn, the goals you’re set on conquering.

Use Your Senses

Take notice of the small details by using all of your senses. What do you see? Can you hear anything? Can you smell the leather bench as set yourself up for your next set? Can you still taste a hint of your pre-workout? What do the weights feel like loading them onto the bar?

Emotionally Connect

One of the most powerful aspects of visualisation is experiencing the same emotions and feelings that come with the desired achievement. The ability to change our current state lies within the feelings and emotions that come to us naturally. Take notice of how your mindset shifts into a sense of empowerment, confidence and a focussed state of mind.

Practice Self-Awareness

Focus on ensuring your actions, thoughts and emotions align with what you’re wanting to achieve. Continue to objectively evaluate yourself, and look inward to clarify values, feelings, behaviours, strengths and weaknesses.

Visualisation techniques can be used by anyone, for anything, not just limited to athletes & their performance. It’s a powerful tool for people to use so that they can change their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. You can use this technique to imagine yourself completing your workouts, or crossing the finish line of a 10km run or hitting a PB on a lift. It’s also a great way to become more mindful by staying focused on the present moment.

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