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Gold’s Gym Kippa-Ring

Deadlift Competition

Saturday 20th January
This year Gold’s Gym Kippa-Ring will be running it’s first Deadlift only competition as well as our first competition open to both members and non members!
All registration fees will be donated to Bravehearts Australia, helping protect and treat children from sexual abuse. 

Bravehearts Australia

Mission – To provide a coordinated and holistic approach to the prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse.
Vision –  A world where people, communities and systems all work together to protect children from sexual abuse.
Values – Integrity, Respect, Energy, Empathy, Bravery
Bravehearts Strategic Plan 2022 – 2024

For 25 years Bravehearts has been dedicated to the prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse.

Bravehearts Strategic Plan outlines our focus and commitment to our Mission, Vision and Values. Our strategic piers of Educate, Empower and Protect cover all the important work of Bravehearts. Our Enable stream underpins this work, ensuring the long-term sustainability of Bravehearts services.

Our Strategic focus is firmly grounded in education and training programs for all people, research and lobbying, and therapeutic and support services, which have all impacted lives for the better.

See their website for more info!

Comp Details

Location: Gold’s Gym Kippa-Ring – Muscle Park
Date: Saturday 20th January 2024

Weigh in: Saturday 20th of January – 9am-10am 
Start time: 10:30am (lifters brief will he held half hour before event start)
Cost: $30 (must be paid before competition weigh in)
Equipment allowed: Deadlift/knee high socks MUST BE WORN, Belts, soft suits, enclosed shoes 
We will be doing prizes & free membership for both men & women’s biggest deadlift. So to make it fair on all we will be doing a weigh in & We will be using DOTS to calculate the winner. DOTS ratio is a score that is calculated using your body weight & total deadlift you will be lifting. 
Weigh in 
We will have two time spots where people can weigh in.  Saturday 20th of January – 9am-10am The Gold’s Coaching Team will be doing the weigh ins. You can either wear clothes or in your underwear or bikini. No nude weigh ins will be performed. Please have your opener ready to write down at weigh in.
Comp Day Info 
  • The lifting will start at 10:30am sharp. With a lifters meeting at 10am. All lifters are to arrive early enough to attend the meeting and  start warm ups. Pending on amount of lifters we will have 1-2 flights.(will be announced at a later date)
  • You will be given 3 attempts (opener given at weigh in)
  • The Comp will run with Powerlifting comp rules for deadlifts.
  • There will be just the one down call which will be given once you have completed the lift, making sure knees & hips are at full extension (locked out) & shoulders are back & not rounded forward. feet must also remind in place (so no stepping forward or backwards)
  • As this is powerlifting rules there will be no hitching, no straps & no dropping the bar, You must be in full control of the bar through out the completion of the lift.
  • Deadlift socks or knee high socks must be used for this comp. Belts & soft suits are also allowed. 
  • Waivers need to be signed upon weigh in with the understanding that you acknowledge the risks upon participating in this event. 
  • Having  a coach is optional but we recommended if you are quite new to deadlifting to reach out to the Gold’s Coaching Team to help with technique & reduce the risk of injury on the day. 
  • Payments can be made at Reception. This payment must be paid before the competition weigh in time & is non refundable
This is a fun event for all experience levels welcome from novice to experience lifters. Its all about giving it a go have some fun & raise some money for Bravehearts.

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