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Finding your inner hype lord with Adventure Athlete & Ultimate Hype Girl

Good as Gold's Podcast EP09

Meg Martin (@megsutherland) is a passionate athlete who founded ‘Megarun’ – a global running movement that is designed to show people they are capable of more! In our latest episode of the Good as Gold’s podcast, Cal and Em speak with Meg about all things running, mindset, business and nutrition.

Today, Meg is extremely positive and confident, and regularly pushes herself out of her comfort zone but she wasn’t always like that. When she was younger she found herself to be quite negative and fearful. 

“It was like I just woke up one day and I just was quite a different human. I was always a very happy kid but I think as I went through my teenage years, I just let everything get to me and I just think I got a little bit narrow-minded in school. It’s easy to do that because you think that the only world that exists in school. And then when I came out of school, even before I finished school, I just realised that I had a bit of a chip on my shoulder even though I was given an amazing life…And then I just thought, okay, well, if you have got yourself here, you can also get yourself out of here. So you just have to figure out how to do that. For me, I started doing everything that scared me, and that just gave me a lot of confidence.”

Meg started surfing, skating, motorbike riding and she even skydived solo. She found that the more confident she was, the more positive she became.

“Well, I would say because I think when you’re born, you’re only born with two fears. I think it’s falling and abandonment or something like that. So naturally, skydiving, most people will be scared of it. But I think I just realised that all the fears that I had from when I was a kid, or I would talk about myself as a fearful person or a negative person. I just decided I didn’t want to be that person.”

Rather than going out every Saturday night, Meg committed to running 10 kilometres every Sunday morning as a way to build discipline. When she met her now husband, he started running with her, then friends started coming and then random people started showing up. This is where ‘Megarun’ was born.

“Having that one thing as non-negotiable trickles into the rest of your life as well. When you go to do the dishes and then you think I’ll do it later, instead you just do it then.”

Now there are 12 set locations across Australia where people meet up every Sunday to run 10 kilometres, or a distance of their choice.

“I would like to just encourage people to get into Megarun more as a movement so it’s not limited by where. Obviously it’s better if you are around like minded people because then you make new friends as well, but even just by posting it on social media and that sort of thing, people around you will start to say “hey, can I come and join you every Sunday?” and that’s how it happened to me. So if people start getting more involved in doing it by themselves I think naturally new locations will emerge.”

Meg is also passionate about fueling her body with the right foods to support her training, running and lifestyle.

“I have figured out what I like to eat and what works for me, but I think the best thing to do is figure out the things that you love eating and then just make a healthy version of it. So the best way to eat is as raw and unprocessed as possible. And if you can afford to do so, it organically because it really does make a difference.”

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