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ChasingBetter Functional Fitness

Chasing Better Functional Fitness

Move well at Fremantle, Mandurah & Port Kennedy

ChasingBetter are hour-long sessions that are designed to increase your heart rate, build measurable strength, improve focus and develop a stronger mindset so you can tackle each day with more energy. Learn more about each of our classes below!

We believe in a community that puts you first within a culture of continuous growth. ChasingBetter can assist you to accomplish your goals whether it be improved health, weight loss, or better performance and fitness. 

➤ Get unlimited access to all functional fitness classes & locations 24/7 (see descriptions below)
Creche facilities 
Unlimited access to all Gold’s Gym locations

About our Classes


Our daily WODs are strength and conditioning classes encompassing all things cardio, barbell and gymnastics. Always fun and always challenging, these classes are suitable for all fitness levels. Take your training to the next level with our team of coaches and great community.


All 3x locations hold weekly Olympic Lifting specific classes. These are designed to allow you to focus on technique & spend time practising your barbell skills. Learn, perfect and PB your lifts with our specialised team of oly coaches.


Our WOD X class for those wanting to start with a high intensity workout with less technique involved. Don’t be fooled though, these classes will get your heart rate up, burn LOTS of calories and make you sweat.

Move well at Mandurah & Port Kennedy

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